The Facility

At Winchester ENT, we offer you a comfortable and relaxed setting with state-of-the-art technology in surgical procedures for the ears, nose and throat. It is our desire that you leave our practice feeling more confident and knowledgeable about your surgery and the benefits that it can provide to improve your quality of life!

At our premier surgical center, we strive to provide you with complete and accurate information that is individualized to your unique needs. It is our goal to help you feel as comfortable and secure as possible.

Winchester Ear Nose and Throat Center  is located at 2055 Valley Avenue in Winchester Virginia.  Recently renovated, this facility offers state-of-the-art comfort and care.  Spacious exam rooms allow for full head and neck evaluation.  A minor procedure room is fully equipped to provide in office surgery under local anesthesia.  Our relaxed atmosphere allows for the utmost comfort and confidentiality.  Conveniently located on the upper level Dr. Karen’s facial cosmetic practice and luxurious Spa are available for a one-stop visit.

At Winchester ENT, you can be reassured that Dr. Karen and his professional staff will allow the necessary time and attention you need to ensure that you fully understand your surgical procedure/services.

Please ask us any questions you may have regarding a specific procedure. Plastic surgeon Dr. Karen and a member of his staff are available for your questions and concerns.