Is Your Child Experiencing Multiple Ear Infections…

Ear infections are the most common infections requiring treatment in young children.  They have a tendency to become more frequent and less responsive to antibotic treatment.  Almost all children experience one or two infections in the first two years of life but environment and head and neck anatomy make some children more prone to multiple infections.  When a child experiences multiple ear infecrtions, ear tubes (also called tympanostomy tubes) may be recommended by an otolaryngolist.  These tiny tubes are inserted through the ear drum and perform a number of functions including preventing ear infections by allowing air in the middle ear to exchange freely with the outside air preventing the formation of a vacuum in the middle ear thus keeping infections from coming to the ear  from the back of the nose which causes an ear infection.   Ear tubes are made of various materials and consist of small, cylindrical tubes that are positioned through the ear drum.  Some tubes are designed and intended to fall ou on their own and others may require removal by a doctor.   Each year, hundreds of thousands of children undergo procedures to have ear tubes placed in their ears.   If your child is experiencing multiple ear infections and you are looking for a more permanent remedy, contact Winchester Ear Nose and Throat Center and and set up an appointment to find out if ear tubes are your best option for treating multiple ear infections in your child.

Fall is Here and So Are Seasonal Nasal Allergies…

Fall is here and so are the seasonal nasal allergies that affect a lot of people.   From runny noses to sneezing symptoms of nasal allergies hit at this time of year.  Ragweed, mold and dust mites are to blame. If you are like most people, you wait until symptoms start before you seek treatment.   Ideally, it is better to start taking allergy medicine before symptoms start instead of waiting for symtpoms to start…takes longer for medicine to get into your system.  Call Winchester Ear Nose and Throat today and find out how you can be ahead of the curve this allergy season!

Hearing Loss in Teens on the Rise

Hearing loss in teens has gone up, according to a recent study, with one in five U.S. adolescents showing some degree of hearing loss. While the majority of the hearing loss found was slight, any hearing loss can be problematic.

Even slight hearing loss in school-aged children can create a need for speech therapy and other special help. Mild loss can interfere with speech and language development, school performance, and impair social and emotional development.

Parents should remind their children to turn down the volume when listening to music. If they can’t turn down the volume, remind them to get physically farther away from the sound, or use earplugs.

Parents may also ask teens to turn off the music for 10 minutes each hour and give their ears a break. Symptoms such as ringing in the ears are a sign the noise exposure has been too loud.

Winchester ENT Launches New Website

Our new website has been redesigned to better serve our patients and individuals who may be interested in, or in need of, an ear, nose and throat doctor in the Winchester, Virginia area. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to provide the best care possible in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

For more information on services provided and available procedures, take a look around our new website or contact us for a consultation on your specific needs.