Winchester Ear Nose and Throat Center is pleased to have Dr. Holla-Aschenbrenner here, to develop our audiology center. Currently WENT provides diagnostic audiology services, but it is her goal to expand clinical diagnostic services to include ENG, balance training, auditory evoked potentials, and pediatric evaluations and hearing aid fittings.

Winchester ENT Center features the latest digital hearing aid technology, and offers Hearing aid Services, full dizziness and balance evaluation and training with electronystagmographic testing(ENG). Audiology evoked potentials with assist our hearing evaluations. Dr Holla-Aschenbrenner has a keen interest in pediatric hearing and will develop a program to deal directly with the pediatric population, including infant screening and hearing aid fitting.

Dr. Holla-Aschenbrenner has over 23 years of experience performing all aspects of diagnostic audiology, first in private practice (15 years) and most recently working for the Veterans Administration and the Fairfax Board of Education. Her special interests include balance/vestibular assessments, balance training/ vestibular rehabilitation, cochlear implants, hearing aids, and pediatric hearing aid fittings and classroom amplification systems. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Marywood College (Magna Cum Laude, 1985), M.A Ohio University (Suma Cum Laude, 1987) and her Doctorate from Central Michigan University (Cum Laude, 1998/2009). In September 2009, she presented her doctoral research, Vestibular Disorders and Falls in the Elderly, at the Maryland Academy of Audiology. Currently, she is writing a patient -guide to reduce fall risk.

Some of the products and brands that we offer include:


Widex Zen: The mind family hearing aid features a dedicated relaxation and tone program called Zen, and it produces a range of random, harmonic tones that can help you relax. And if you suffer from tinnitus, there is the option of a special Zen program to help you manage tinnitus.


Siemens hearing aids offer wireless streaming to your cellphone, computer, iPod and other wireless devices – everything you need to make your experience better.


The water resistant Phonak Naída offers exceptional levels of audibility and clarity utilizing dynamic FM for improved reception of speech in meetings and in the classroom.